What To Bring

Each child should bring a book bag or tote with handles to store anything transported to camp. A
storage area will be provided. An extra set of clothes and shoes should be available daily and may be kept at camp if a zippered bag with handles is provided.  All items brought to camp should be marked with the camper's name.

Each day of camp, make sure your child is dressed appropriately for activities such as stream studies, hiking, and running. Clothes may get dirty, wet, or torn.  Closed-toe shoes are recommended for activities in the woods.  Please pack an extra change of clothes in case they are needed.

Each camper should bring a water bottle and a sack lunch.  Refrigeration is available but limited for small bags, not coolers.  Snacks will be provided.

Please make sure your camper has applied sunscreen and bug repellant, if desired, before arriving at camp. Sunscreen should also be packed if activities are sun intensive.