Rental Information

Thank you for considering Springhaven Woods for your next event.  If you have any additional questions regarding the rental of Springhaven Woods, please don't hesitate to contact us. 


If you wish to visit the Park personal tours can be scheduled:

  • 4:00pm – 8:00pm Monday-Friday
  • 8:00am – 8:00pm Saturday-Sunday

For more information, email Springhaven Wood’s Staff at



Rates are subject to change at the discretion of the Springhaven Woods management.  The rate is based on the date that the event takes place.


EVENT RENTALS:  May 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018


Time:  10:00AM – 10:00PM

Picnic and Pavilion Areas

$450 for 8 hours

Chapel in the Woods

$250 per hour with 2 hour minimum

WEDDING RENTALS:  May 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018

Rental of the picnic and pavilion area for weddings includes 2 hours for setup or rehearsal on the evening prior to the wedding, 8 hours on the day of the event, and from 8-11am on the day following the event, for clean up purposes only.  The cost of the rental is based on the day of the event.

Picnic and Pavilion Areas

$1750 for 8 hours

Chapel in the Woods

$550 for 2 hour minimum

For additional hours, please contact Springhaven Woods Event Coordinator for policies and pricing.


  • Access to Springhaven Woods for an event is restricted to the contracted times.
  • All event rentals (not including chapel only rentals) include the pavilion, kitchen, men and women’s bathrooms, and ten acres of surrounding grounds, excluding the chapel site.
  • The stated rates are applicable for use of the Park for groups of not more than 100 persons.  For larger groups, please contact us for rates.
  • All groups renting the park are expected to leave the facilities in the condition in which they were provided.  If the facilities are not left in such condition, the cost of cleaning will be charged at a rate of $35 per hour.
  • A typical 8-hour event day at Springhaven Woods includes two hours for set-up, 5 hours of actual event time and one hour clean-up.  Set-up includes time for deliveries, work by caterers, florists, band/DJ and other auxiliary services supporting your event. Guests should not be present during set-up or clean-up.
  • Payment for all fees, services, and security deposits are required at contract signing.  Payment may be made by cash or check only.  A fee of $30 must be paid on returned checks.
  • The cost to repair any damages to the facilities resulting from negligence or abuse will be billed to the applicant.

Contracting an open date at Springhaven Woods is on a first-come, first-served basis.  An open (available) date may be put on hold for 4 business days.  Failure to sign a contract and present the down payment before the close of business on the fourth day will result in the date becoming “open” and available to others at 8:30 a.m. on the next business day. 

 A $100 security deposit payable by cash or check must be paid for an event rental.  A 25% security deposit payable by cash or check must be paid for a wedding rental.

A change of event date will be considered a cancellation. 

 Cancellations must be received in writing from the person whose name appears on the signature line of the contract.  The cancellation date is the date the written notice is received in the office. 

 When cancellation occurs less than 60 days prior to the date of the event, Springhaven Woods will retain the entire payment.    

If Springhaven Woods manages to re-book the time and date of your cancelled event and the re-booked event occurs, then Springhaven Woods will refund 50% of the fee.

Outdoor ceremonies may only be conducted at approved sites on the Springhaven Woods property.  Please review all ceremony locations with the Event Coordinator.  The chapel may be rented for $250, per hour with a 2 hour minimum. 

Rentals of event and catering equipment is available for a limited selection of items.  Please see the attached list for equipment and rates. 

Delivery and pick-up of event supplies must be completed during the rental time block indicated on the contract unless otherwise arranged.


  • Clients must allow adequate time for set up and removal of a tent.
  •   Springhaven Woods will not assume any responsibility for tents on the grounds outside contracted event hours.  Coordination with Springhaven Wood’s staff is required.

 A staff member representing Springhaven Woods will be on duty during the contracted hours to assist with concerns such as accessing locked areas, and ensuring that the renter and all auxiliary services vacate the premises by the end of the contracted time. 

The staff member will provide information related to the use of the Springhaven Woods.  This staff member is in charge of ensuring that rules and regulations are followed during the event and may maintain a presence throughout the function.

The staff member is not expected to assist in set-up, clean-up or any other aspect of the event such as announcing or directing. 

Wedding parties may request use of Springhaven Woods for a rehearsal on a day other than their contracted date.  The time and date for the rehearsal must be scheduled with the Springhaven Woods Event Coordinator. Rehearsal use does not include permission to serve food.


  • The grounds of Springhaven Woods are not sprayed for insects.  Individuals may spray/fog the area during the contracted hours of an event.
  • Maintenance of Springhaven Woods includes weekly grass mowing as well as routine care for plantings throughout the year.
  • Decorative lights are permitted but must be set up and removed within the contracted hours of the event.
  • Decorative arches may be set up, if desired.  Springhaven Woods staff may help to secure such structures with notice.
  • All rental equipment (tables, columns, arches, etc.) for an event must be removed immediately following the event and within the contracted hours.
  • Real or artificial flower petals are permitted, but must be cleaned up after use.
  • No open fires are permitted with the exception of a fire in the established stone fire ring.  Fire wood is available for a fee.
  • The cost to repair any damages to the facilities resulting from negligence or abuse will be billed to the applicant.

Any caterer is welcome to work at Springhaven Woods, however, the caterer is responsible to provide proper insurance, a copy of  their operating license and any other permits associated with use of the facility.  It is the client’s responsibility to obtain these items from the caterer.  Springhaven Woods will not be responsible for issues arising as a result of renters utilizing non-insured, non-licensed food providers.

The kitchen is equipped with two ranges, commercial refrigerator, and preparation and wash areas.

The renter is responsible to ensure that the caterer and all auxiliary services are aware of and follow the rules and regulations for Springhaven Woods.  Additional rules may apply. All rental activity must be approved through the Springhaven Woods Event Coordinator before the event. 

 All auxiliary services, including caterers, must adhere to the contracted hours.  Early in or late out times are not permitted.

  • A catering supervisor must be present throughout the event.  Caterers must retain enough staff to clean up properly at the end of the contracted event.
  • Caterer’s equipment must be delivered and removed within the contracted hours only unless otherwise stated.  Springhaven Woods is not responsible for items dropped off early or items left behind after an event.
  • The caterer is responsible for providing all tablecloths, ice, utensils, foils, wraps and containers.   All food must be removed at the end of the event.
  • The caterer is responsible for cleaning the kitchen areas after use.  Attention should be given to appliances, sinks, tabletops, counter tops and food disposal. The caterer is responsible for sweeping and mopping the kitchen floors and cleaning all other areas of the kitchen and bar areas utilized during the event.  The caterer must clear all areas of cups, plates, utensils, napkins and any other items provided during the event.
  • The caterer must remove all trash to the designated trash area.
  • Smoking is not permitted on the grounds or in any of the attached buildings.
  • On Saturday, back-to-back events may be scheduled.  Between events our staff cleans, sets-up and prepares for the next event.  Therefore, the evening rental client, caterer and auxiliary services are not permitted to enter the building until the time indicated on the contract.  Please comply with the contracted time.
  • Charges may apply to any client/caterer/auxiliary service that does not abide by the rules and regulations of Springhaven Woods.
  • Any damages caused by a caterer, guest, subcontractor or the client during the rental period will result in the client being held liable.  Springhaven Woods will utilize the security deposit and charge additional fees if deemed necessary to compensate for the loss.

Springhaven Woods encourages renters to obtain liability insurance for actions from its use of the premises. Client accepts all liability for welfare of premises, equipment, audience and workers during the rental period. Client shall be totally responsible for all debts and liabilities incurred as a result of this agreement.  Client shall indemnify and hold harmless Springhaven Woods from any and all loss or damage to persons or property which the renter may suffer on account of any accident or occurrence caused by the renter.  In consideration of the mutual agreements set forth in this agreement, the client relieves, acquits and forever discharges Springhaven Woods of and from any and all actions, claims, demands and damages on account of, or arising from, any accident transpiring during and under the terms of this agreement.