Look What's Happening

Special events each day highlight campers' STEAM activities and art projects

June 25 - 28  Habitats, Adaptations, and Orienteering
6/25  Wolf Sanctuary of PA – Slide show on the life, habitat and history wolves.  

6/25  Introduction to basic compass and orienteering skills.

6/26 Dan Lynch, Wildlife Education Specialist from the PA Game Commission – Presentation on local mammals and their habitats.
6/27  Jim Fiorentino,  Quittapahilla Audubon Society- Guided hike with campers to see and hear the woodland birds and their habitats.

6/28   Nate Weber, PA Dept. of Ag Apiary Inspector for South Central PA - Presentation and live exhibit with a contained unit beehive

6/28  Parent program to search for campers’ hidden geocaches.

July 9 - 12  Muck, Yuck, and Slimy Things
7/9  Introduction to invertebrates and the life of a worm.  Campers make individual worm farms.
7/10  Dave McNaughton, current Lancaster Herpetology Society President, will take campers on a hike to discover reptiles and amphibians.
7/11  Bert Myers, PA Dept. of Environmental Protection - Presentation on macroinvertebrates and pond and stream investigations.    
7/12  Dan Tomaso, Meteorologist from ABC Channel 27 - presentation on severe weather.
7/12  Introduction to moss and ferns.  Campers create a Kokedama moss string garden.

July 16 - 19  Eco-Art and Junk Box engineering

7/16  Introduction to Nature Installations, the art of manipulating nature to design an outdoor sculpture or forest floor painting.  
7/17  Catapult and action art to create masterpieces with motion.  

7/17  Introduction to Junk Box Engineering to design a car and carnival game.  

7/18   Bert Myers, Department of Environmental Protection - Solar car engineering.
7/19  Designing and constructing Fairy Gardens.
7/19   Parent program showcasing engineering and art projects.